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Daniel Bryan has been out of WWE’s programming for several months owing to a concussion issue he suffers the moment after he returned from his neck and arm injuries. Recently there was a publication that connotes the WWE Superstar is already thinking of his retirement after being ruled out for the part of this year. All efforts for Bryan to return to the ring has met the hard bricks as his doctor is yet to declare him fit for ring actions despite the fact that Bryan still engages in some tedious activities such as jiu-jitsu. Truth be told, Bryan has great natural strength and skills. At a time, he reported pursued a thief and manned him down with his bare hands.

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However, report says that Bryan has recovered a great deal and good enough for WWE’s action but due to his concussion issue, he can’t make a comeback to the ring just yet. Why? No the issue is not with Bryan. Not at all! The issue is with WWE. WWE is reportedly facing a lawsuit case on concussion and so far, Bryan is the only wrestler that is down with that issue this year.

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Should WWE grant his return ticket, the fear is that the lawsuit case against WWE might take a different dive especially as Bryan had gone down with that same issue in the past but was somehow not handcuffed in WWE.

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So since Bryan has a medical history with concussion why has he not been penalized until now? Like we stated earlier WWE is currently facing a lawsuit on concussion issue and Bryan is the only wrestler who has gone down with concussion this year that required time away. Plus that is, Bryan currently concussion issue came out with a new face that was not originally captured. In order words, its entire angles were not fully revealed from earlier examinations.

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Yes, Bryan had issues with WWE before but wasn’t nailed then because they were perceived as trivial and panicky issues. Also as an independent contractor, Bryan was not supposed to be given the medical attention he currently enjoys in WWE but that’s just a digression. The main issue that keeps Bryan from returning to the ring falls on the court of WWE. If Bryan should return to the ring amidst his concussion issue and sustain a serious concussion yet again that forces him miss action or something worse happens to him, WWE would be broken in court.

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With such a terrible condition that may befall on WWE if Bryan breaks down with concussion issue again, it’s understandable why WWE is determined to see that Bryan’s return remains a mirage. The risk for WWE is simply too high economically except they get that absolute clarification that Bryan could avoid getting hurt the same way again. This explains why he was sent to a specialist who told him not to wrestle again.

And Bryan confirmed that recently in Singapore when he was interviewed by the New Paper:

“I think it could be the end of my career in WWE, but I don’t think it will be the end of my career.

“I could find another passion, but it would just be sad because this is what I have been most passionate about since I was five.”

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