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A report has just been filed indicating that popular WWE Superstar Big Show is set to return to action any time soon.

Big Show was actually seen doing his work out this week at the WWE Performance Center which implies that he is working on his return.

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Big Show has been off major events of late and fans are beginning to get worried. The last time he performed in one of the matches recently, he was reported to be injured but later reported that nothing was wrong with him and that he actually faked the injury.

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The media went bananas when it was reported that Show was injured. The claim was false! Hence, the news outlet that first broke the news apologized when fans started making calls and responding that Show was in good shape and that the injury was faked and the general concept designed for the heck of it.

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Well, as WWE sinks daily owing to most of its Superstars experiencing downtime, Show’s presence would do a good job to help make the weekend’s live events interesting.

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We hope that he would not only feature in this weekend’s show but also make it to next week’s TLC live event.

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We would bring you more updates as touching Show’s working out, fitness and possibly match plans as things unfold.