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According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, popular WWE Superstar who has just had a shoulder injury needs to go out again for neck injury.

Randy Orton who is one of the leading WWE Superstars has faced a great downtime after sustaining a shoulder injury when packing out thrash from his home nearly two months ago.

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He was earlier reported to be in doubt for WrestleMania 32 and according to WWE, he was likely to go for surgery after the shoulder injury.
Word from Wrestling Observer Newsletter is that, Randy Orton is going for neck injury after the shoulder injury.

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The consequence is that, Orton will likely be out for another 3-6 months after he recovers from the shoulder injury in about six months’ time. In other words, the neck surgery will only commence after medical experts report that he’s recovered good enough from shoulder surgery.

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Hence, it becomes necessary for us to report that Orton’s situation is worse that imagined or earlier reported. If he recovers from the shoulder injury in six months’ time and embarks on the neck surgery which would keep him off for another 3-6 months, then it’s almost right to say Orton will be out of action for a whole 12 months.

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