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Daily Wrestling News has just reported that a one year contract with Bill Goldberg is what WWE is working on. Hence, Goldberg will make his return to the ring sooner that later.

According to the report, WWE is almost set to sign a one year contract with Goldberg except that some powers within the company is insisting that the former professional football player should be given a six month contract instead.

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The last time the 49-year old American actor did a match in WWE was in WrestleMania 20. Now the cast die reads that if Goldberg does return, he would seal a match with Brock Lesnar whom he put up a 5-minute stare down show nearly 12 years ago.

Lesnar is the only one whom Goldberg should love to do a match with in WrestleMania 32; Lesnar is the only one fans would love to see Goldberg wrestle so they put an end to the game they began over a decade ago.

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Recently Steve Austin “Stone Cold” was speaking during Jim Ross’ podcast and he noted that WWE should put personal issues aside and give Goldberg an open hand especially as WrestleMania is just a stone’s throw away.

Goldberg himself has not failed one bit to state his readiness to do wrestling again. According to the semi-retired pro wrestler, he needed his son to watch him perform before he completely bows out and that dream is already set to come to pass. We hope all goes as plan, we just hope.