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Brie Bella has finally made a post on Instagram following her husband’s retirement as it touches her future with him. The former WWE Divas Champion was on Instagram and she dropped a bomb just when the WWE Universe is still nursing the injuries caused when former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan announced his retirement.

She said, “A new journey awaits us and for the rest of our lives we’ll talk about this one…..” After that ambiguous statement was made, everyone got asking, “Is she planning her retirement too?”

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Daniel Bryan’s wife Brie Bella posted the following on Instagram regarding her future with Bryan:

“A new journey awaits us and for the rest of our lives we’ll talk about this one…..” You have given so much hope and inspiration to people all over. We haven’t lost you, just get to see you in a different light. #thankyoudanielbryan #mystrength #mylove.”

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Well, the answer is as good as yes, I would say in my candid opinion. What informed by assertion you may ask. If you do a flash back to my earlier report on this subject, you would discover that more than anything else Brie does want to do away with pro wrestling and now that his husband Daniel has retired, she may follow suit in a time not too long from now.

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When 32-year old Diva was being interviewed by UK’s Reveal Magazine a little while ago and she talked about how badly she and her husband desires to have a kid and the only obstacle that seems to be on their Milky Way was wrestling.

See what she stated below:
“I am so ready for motherhood. The hardest thing in our business is that, unfortunately, you can’t wrestle and be pregnant,” she said. “It’s this ongoing tug of war inside if I’m ready to hang up my boots and start trying. Click here for full report…