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It has just been reported that Randy Orton would no longer take that long a time from WWE’s programming as stated earlier. He is now expected to be back sooner than was widely reported which might enable him to perform at the biggest pay-per-view of next year.

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Randy Orton has been out of action following a shoulder injury he sustained while packing debris from his home few months ago. Hence it was said that he would need shoulder and neck surgeries which would see him out for about twelve months. The report detailed that first he would undergo a shoulder injury which would keep him out for six to nine months then he would have a neck surgery which would hold him down for another three months or so.

But according to, Randy Orton would return sooner than anticipated, just in time to possibly make it for WrestleMania 32.

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Although for the now, Orton is not advertized for any event as his return is still doubtful, yet, we cannot dispute the fact that his return would grease some rusted bolts and nuts that might have been abandoned in the company. After all his presence in the last two WrestleManias was awesome and breathtaking and WWE could not thank him less.

If Orton does return timely, the absence of Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan would count to his advantage and that might see him facing Brock Lesnar, Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt or any member of League of Nations, most likely Lana’s fiancé (Rusev) since he is one of the babyfaces of the company.

We shall bring you more updates in his health status: our team is already working on any possible development.

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