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Nikki Bella was shocked when she was told that by her real-life boyfriend John Cena that he still doesn’t want to have kids despite the endless love he professes for her and age long relationship they have nursed since 2012.

On the latest episode of Total Divas, Nikki Bella eventually gets through in her relationship with John Cena but it wasn’t what you might have imagined. No. Not al all!

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In the show, Nikki got Cena in one full breath while Nattie Neidhart still battles with her downtrodden feeling. Earlier we reported that Nattie was ignored by her colleagues as well as writers after she took time off work to attend to her husband TJ who is currently down with injury.

Also in the show, Alicia Fox and Paige collided over some issues with ring actions but that’s not what made the show shocking.
Now, the real drama is here;

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Nikki Bella wore a unique look over her face when John Cena told her that her he s now set for marriage but for the now, no children.

Nikki made a face, that kind of a face that comes when you are disappointed. She wore the look over her face throughout the show while Cena was just bouncing around with kids and whatnot.

Obviously Cena’s no-kids policy is eating the better half of Nikki but let’s see how it goes and what becomes of them at the end of the day.