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The Wrestling Observer has just reported a note that might be shocking for a lot of WWE fans, especially those who hold John Cena as their hero and beloved Superstar. They stated that John Cena is set to receive more roles from the movie industry; which by implication would limit his WWE schedules and programming.

Recently Cena has consistently been featured on the Today Show and in the past four days, he has been a guest host twice. Hence WWE fans have started wagging tongues that Cena is on his way out of the company especially when Cena recently stated that “I’ve always sworn to myself that if I can’t keep up with the current level athletically, it’s my time to take another role…”

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But that is not true, so far as we know. Cena is a diehard fan of wrestling and he has always said so. Of late, he stated that he would not leave the wrestling industry and that his relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is on the safe side hence his engagement with Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Cena has just returned after spending two months doing a series of reality movie for FOX and with the way things are going he would have less commitment and programming with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world in the nearest future.

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But the company, particular Vince McMahon is comfortable with that; they see it from the business angle; the angle where Hollywood fans would start dropping in their thousands to wrestling events owing to the fact that WWE seems to be breeding stars for the movie industry as in The Rock and Cena, that is if he eventually ends up getting more roles from the movie giant company.

So we may start seeing Cena more in the shoes of The Rock in the nearest future; not in the sense of hate but in the sense of successes and achievements in the entertainment industry. Yes, hatred from fans came knocking on The Rock when he dumped WWE for Hollywood but now some have pardoned him while others are yet to do so even though he has eventually made his way to WWE as a part-time wrestler, of course.

Therefore, in the future Cena may start featuring in WWE events whenever he is not engaged with one acting schedule or the other. Let’s see how it goes!