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John Cena and Nikki Bella have made their relationship so proud and the internet can tell. They both profess their love at every opportunity and the record of that can be found nearly in any social media or search engine outlet.

However, for some reasons best known to Cena, he has decided to keep it cool when it comes to tying the nuptial knot. He has decided to let things fall into place naturally; he has been decided to allow Nikki Bella to remain “Nikki Bella” rather than Mrs. Cena. But why?

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Many times the opportunity has risen for the couples to talk about the subject in the public and they have done so generously. But why has such discussion not translated them to Mr. and Mrs. In “Total Divas” the subject came onboard repeatedly and they gave it the attention it deserved but until now they are still boyfriend and girlfriend. Nothing more! No engagement! Nothing!

While the internet dangles with countless photos and videos of the lovers doing what lovers do worldwide its worthy to note that the following reasons could answer the question “Why is John Cena yet to propose marriage to Nikki Bella?”

3) John Cena And His Past Marriage

One very strong reason why the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion is yet to propose marriage to NIKKI Bella could be his very past relationship with Elizabeth Huberdeau which later translated into marriage. Cena married her in 2009 but the marriage could not stand the test of time and they successfully annulled the union in 2012, the same year that he began dating Nikki. There we nail it, maybe John Cena is reluctant to propose marriage to Nikki Bella because of his past marriage. Probably he is trying to figure out what to really do to avoid a repeat of what happened between him and his ex-wife and led to a divorce.

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