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The popularly known John Cena hasn’t been around for a while due to a shoulder injury. Just a week after surgery Cena came back doing all the things he could not do before. Cena has a history of fast recovery.

PWInsider, has stated that John Cena will be discharged by the doctors and will soon be in the ring. Soon or late, Cena will be out and we know for sure that he is going to be at WrestleMania 32. Cena being at the show has been claimed by so many newsfeed that he will be performing a lesser role at some point in the evening.

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So many persons disagree with the fact that Cena will be at WrestleMania32 saying that he has not fully recovered and also that the card for the matches has been distributed. Well, the only thing we know is that Cena will take part in European tour and will be used in some dimensions at WrestleMania.

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There is a rumor that Cena is returning to help Shane in his match with The Undertaker. As Vince has earlier stated that if Undertaker loses the match it will be his last while Shane takes control. It will be a happy thing to fans if Cena helps Shane win the match and Undertaker goes off unless Vince changes his mind.

And there are chances that the pendulum of Vince’s mind could swing either way; let’s watch and see; WrestleMania is already here.