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Retirement has come knocking on the door of popular WWE Superstar Mark Henry and just recently in an interview; he stated how he wants his professional wrestling career to come to an end.

Recently, Mark Henry joined the league of those promoting the forthcoming Royal Rumble and in that video clip, he stated that he has always wanted and still wish to do the retirement thing upon headlining at WrestleMania.

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Then he went a step further to make a note on the feeling and thought that settles upon him whenever WrestleMania is involved. He noted that the WrestleMania experiences are the ones which move him the most; that was sentiment isn’t it?

So it’s understandable why he wishes to retire in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania even though we wish he could do more wrestling for us.

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See what he said below:
“To be able to end [my career] and take my boots off in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania… there’s nothing better than that outside of my kids being born,” Henry said. “My WrestleMania experiences are the ones that move me the most.”