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A report just reaching us states that retirement has come knocking on WWE Legend Chris Jericho’s door and we see him calling it quit sooner than later. He has obviously thought of retirement and has demonstrated that with his actions over the past few years. Although Jericho still looks as young as ever, he knows that the time for winding up with wrestling is imminent because a fresh generation of wrestlers are coming onboard who would challenge him and knock him off if he keeps lingering in the ring.

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Over the years Jericho has channeled more of his energy on his music and band Fozzy career, making it looks as if he never was that same mean wrestler you watch on WWE TV tapings then and now.

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In spite of all his commitments and engagements, Jericho is still one of the most popular and respected wrestlers in the world. In fact, according to most WWE live event reports, when Jericho comes onboard, he almost always ends up having the best match on the show.

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Truth is that Jericho has been very strategic whenever returning to the ring matter is mentioned. Jericho recently stated that if at all he is coming back to WWE, he won’t come back as a regular character except WWE has something differently in mind that he consider good enough for his person or that he feels it’s “Chris Jericho-worthy”. This by insinuation means that he has no plan of returning to WWE as an independent contractor or just as another professional wrestler but something that would further advance his storylines in the company.

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“There will never be a retirement match. I’ll never have one. When I’m finished, it might be a house show in Wolverhampton [England], but when I’m done, I’ll know it and that’s it. There will be no retirement tour, no retirement match, no big WrestleMania sendoff. I don’t believe in that either. I think when you’re done, you’re done and I don’t need somebody to pat me on the back and say how great I am. I’d rather just ride off into the sunset and just disappear and that’s probably what’ll happen. It might’ve already happened. You don’t know!”

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