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The Intercontinental Championship title that dangles on Kevin Owens’ shoulder may be clinched by any of the six candidates listed below.

In the last couple of days, speculations have been going round the internet that WWE intends to fix Kevin Owens to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 but that would mean that the Intercontinental Championship would fall on someone else.

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If that match does take place as speculated, the former NXT Champion would be having the biggest match in his career so far and that would a huge stepping stone for him as it’s sure to kick him into the uncommon list of WWE’s hottest Superstars, even though report says he would lose the match.

Here are the six possible candidates to win the WWE’s longest-tenured midcard title at the biggest WrestleMania ever — biggest WrestleMania in terms of audience.

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6) Daniel Bryan
“The Beard” is dealing with a concussion, so he could be a long shot, but if he ends up returning, he has claims to the belt. Bryan won the title at WrestleMania 31 in March, but was forced to vacate it after sustaining the head injury. Ryback then won the vacant gold inside an Elimination Chamber match before falling to Owens at Night of Champions. If Bryan returns, he has a right to get the belt back.

5) Rusev

The “Bulgarian Brute” could be in hot water over his real life engagement to Lana leaking, but the WWE seems to be pushing him now that he’s in the League of Nations stable. Though he’s a heel like Owens, he could maybe win the belt in a multi-man match to give the stable even more gold.

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4) King Barrett

Much like Rusev, Barrett is a heel, but the WWE could find ways to maneuver the belt back onto him. The League of Nations already boasts the WWE World Heavyweight Champion (Sheamus) and United States Champion (Alberto Del Rio), so adding the Intercontinental Championship could give the faction even more legitimacy. The Englishmen is a five-time Intercontinental Champion and could make it an even six.

3) Dolph Ziggler

“The Showoff” is currently lost in the shuffle in the WWE, but eventually the creative team needs to get a clue and start pushing him again. Ziggler went from a terrible feud with Rusev to a rivalry that’s going nowhere with the newcomer Tyler Breeze. The WWE needs to make the four-time Intercontinental Champion relevant again, and could do so by giving him the belt back.

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2) Bray Wyatt

The “Eater of Worlds” has taken some rough losses over the last few months. Wyatt and his entire stable talk a big game, but their constant losses in the ring wreak havoc on their credibility. If the “monsters” constantly lose, they don’t come off as being scary anymore. The Wyatt stable could use some gold, and the “New Face of Fear” would make a tremendous Intercontinental Champion.

1) Dean Ambrose
The “Lunatic Fringe” has been given the shaft since the split of The Shield in June 2014, and his only singles title to date was a United States Championship reign where he rarely defended the belt way back in 2013. Ambrose has a tremendous following and the WWE would be smart to slowly build him up by giving him a run with the Intercontinental Championship. This reign could even start as soon as TLC on Dec. 13 when he battles Owens.


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