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There are lots of things to be learned from the boss of WWE, Vince McMahon and these things seems to be presenting themselves each time the man sets on. It is of course a very known fact that Vince McMahon is really fond of John Cena and Roman Reigns among others.

According to Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio, There are people backstage that, I guess Vince McMahon, that love to watch Enzo just get rag dolled That’s why his character is this character because Vince thinks that his character With that being said, this might be why Vince McMahon decided to go in a different direction at WrestleMania 33 and give the titles to The Hardy Boys instead.

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This also, unfortunately, means that it may be a while, if ever, that Vince McMahon sees Enzo as anything more than a rag doll and will continue to treat him as such.

Well, it has not been official stated as to what the real issues may be but what we have at hand now is just that Vince McMahon really wants this superstar beating mercilessly for some issues which may be best known to either party of to Vince McMahon alone.