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Paul Heyman appeared on the episode of Raw which aired on Dec. 24, and he was in Sacramento to do what he always does.

Remind us the Universal championship, belongs to his client Brock Lesnar and will be defended at an upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) in a good-to-great promo, as only one of the best orators in wrestling history can.

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In selling Lesnar’s upcoming match against Braun Strowman at Royal Rumble, the Advocate used a nice story about Braun’s childhood dreams of a replica title, and how his adult dreams of winning a real title wouldn’t come true, and to hit us with a custom version of “Silent Night”…

In a related development, Mauro Ranallo considers himself fortunate to still be alive after he was involved in a car accident last night.

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The WWE NXT announcer took to Instagram today to share details of the crash, along with photos of the wreckage after a “car lost control and smashed into me at full speed.”

“An Angel was looking over me last night. A car lost control and smashed into me at full speed. Happy to report that no one was seriously injured. I’m still in shock. I guess my work here isn’t done yet. #ChristmasMiracle,” Ranallo wrote.