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Randy Orton

A report reaching us says that WWE has confirmed that another Superstar will be out of action for an indefinite period of time.

WWE has confirmed that Randy Orton will be out due to a shoulder injury he suffered a while ago at his home.

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“Randy has suffered from a dislocated shoulder. He’s had chronic problems with his shoulder, and a recent MRI that was done found he has a Bankart lesion in his shoulder, some stretched ligaments and a partially torn rotator cuff,” WWE’s Dr. Steve Daquino told the WWE website.

“At this point it’s a matter of when he dislocates the shoulder again, and not if. Surgery seems imminent, and recovery time for such a surgery would be four to six months.”

While there were speculations and arguments about his possible return, it was reported a while ago that he would be out for yet another four to six months after he recovers from his shoulder injury. The big issue there is that he can not go for the surgery until after the shoulder injury heals and that’s what fans are really troubled about. Originally he was expected to be back after six months, likely immediately after WrestleMania 32 but with the latest surgery development, he would likely be out for another six months, making a total of twelve months. Randy Orton WWE career has been plagued heavily by his chronic shoulder injury and that might force him out of the industry sooner than expected if there is no permanent solution to it. Already fans are getting used to his absence, they would soon start wishing him to retire if care is not taken. Get well soon Randy Orton and best wishes from Wrestling News Plus as you spend time with your newly wedding wife.

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