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WWE Star Nikki Bella and this Peter Kraus are reportedly dating as new details on their secret romance are circling online and have swept the WWE Universe off their feet.

If it eventually happens that Nikki Bella is dating this Bachelorette guy, Peter Kraus, what will John Cena do since there were still likelihood that Cena still wants Nikki despite that very volcanic split?

Prior, Nikki Bella has been talking everywhere and at every opportunity on dating which made this relationship with Peter Kraus very possible and easily believed especially as Kraus took Nikki out on a date and they enjoyed red wine and a boat ride together.

Peter Kraus is the guy, the guy currently riding Nikki Bella with the aid of Brie Bella. The Total Bellas star, Brie Bella sets up her twin sister with Peter Kraus following Nikki Bella’s split from fiancé John Cena.

Word reaching us states that Peter Kraus is now prepared to give Nikki Bella his final rose?


The Bachelorette alum blushed when asked about the fellow reality star amid romance buzz. “She’s beautiful,” Kraus admitted exclusively to Us Weekly last month after a Facebook Live user pointed out that Nikki follows him on Instagram. “I’m turning red.”

“I feel like, I’m like, 15,” Nikki, 34, Kraus said before Brie planning an outing for the pair.

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While Nikki later admits she “doesn’t know if she’s ready for this,” the twosome seemingly enjoy red wine and a boat ride together recently. Kraus also appears to go in for a kiss in the teaser.

For the record, we do not have the details of when Peter Kraus and Nikki Bella’s dating began. One thing we know for certain is that both Kraus and Nikki are used to being in the spotlight when their dating lives are concerned, so we are yet to see more love talks coming from them.

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Prior to this time, Peter Kraus wanted to date Rachel Lindsay but somehow the relationship didn’t fall into lines and as per Nikki’s dating, he said:

“Going on dates … If anything, this sounds terrible, too easy so finding someone who’s wanting to date me for the right reason is very different,” Kraus explained to Us in October. “Versus like they saw me on a show where it depicted me in a certain way that I’ll even say, I’m not perfectly clean cut. I have my own flaws, they think I’m a certain way that’s putting me in a hole that maybe isn’t fair. … So I rather meet someone just organically.”

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In all of this saga, we put it that considering that both Nikki Bella and Peter Kraus are currently and officially single, and they are fun of each other, they should move on to the next level and ultimately walk into marriage.

Nikki Bella dating Peter Kraus

Nikki Bella dating Peter Kraus

Please, check back for latest updates on Nikki Bella and Peter Kraus dating and what John Cena’s reaction is.