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WWE star Nikki Bella is doing the dating thing again and everyone is asking, “who is this new guy that has come to replace John Cena and cover the void the WWE legend created in the heart and life of Nikki Bella?”

However, what is important to know now is that the beautiful wrestling star can no longer stay single after John Cena split.

The Total Bellas star took the world by surprise when she broke up with WWE legendary 16-time world champion, John Cena weeks before their wedding.

But all that is water under the bridge now as both Nikki Bella and John Cena have announced that they have parted ways for good and in case, anyone is still in doubt that the split was just a thing of mouth, Nikki Bella has admitted that she’s gotten a new boyfriend and you can see the new lovers on photos below.

Following her break-up with John Cena, Nikki Bella has revealed she’s dating again. And while John Cena is dating wrestler, Nikki Bella said this person is not a wrestler.

While this dating thing sings in the air, the Total Divas star Nikki Bella has confirmed she is dating again – But she’s not dating the guy everyone thought – This Is Who Nikki Says She’s TRULY DATING. SEE DATING PHOTO

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Earlier, we reported that Nikki Bella was secretly dating a WWE Executive based on the information that reached us from someone in the WWE inner caucus.


That’s the truth, Nikki Bella is having a lot to do with men at the moment and it’s still difficult to pin just one man to her. Words reaching us are that she could be in at least two relationships at the moment.


However, we shall limit ourselves to the Bachelorette guy, Peter Kraus who is prepared to give Nikki Bella his final rose. When Peter Kraus was asked about dating Nikki Bella, romance and whatnot, he blushed.


“She’s beautiful,” Kraus admitted exclusively to Us Weekly last month after a Facebook Live user pointed out that Nikki follows him on Instagram. “I’m turning red.”

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In E!’s sneak peek for the upcoming season of the Total Bellas, Brie Bella sets up her twin sister with Kraus following Nikki’s split from fiancé John Cena.

“I feel like, I’m like, 15,” Nikki, 34, says in the recent clip released before Brie calls Kraus to plan an outing for the pair.


While Nikki later admits she “doesn’t know if she’s ready for this,” the twosome seemingly enjoy red wine and a boat ride together. Kraus also appears to go in for a kiss in the teaser and that’s where the story becomes much more fascinating.

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Right now, it’s uncertain when Peter Kraus and Nikki Bella began dating but one thing was sure, Nikki is enjoying herself already with Kraus.


Earlier, Peter Kraus wanted to date Rachel Lindsay. He vied for her heart and wanted to make her his love after he announced that he’s “been searching” but for some reasons, the relationship didn’t fall into line and Nikki Bella entered.

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WWE Star Nikki Bella dating Peter Kraus

                                  Nikki Bella dating Peter Kraus after John Cena Split

“Going on dates … If anything, this sounds terrible, too easy so finding someone who’s wanting to date me for the right reason is very different,” Kraus explained to Us in October. “Versus like they saw me on a show where it depicted me in a certain way that I’ll even say, I’m not perfectly clean cut. I have my own flaws, they think I’m a certain way that’s putting me in a hole that maybe isn’t fair. …  So I rather meet someone just organically and in Nikki, I found love and rest.”