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WWE Champion Nikki Bella has found new love, she is now dating within WWE again after her very public break-up with ex-fiancé John Cena

Total Bellas Star Nikki Bella has reportedly edged into dating another WWE Superstar following her break up with 16-time champion John Cena.

Hollywood Life has a new article on Nikki Bella’s dating life, noting that she is “single and ready to mingle” following the split with John Cena.

A source close to Nikki reportedly told the website that Nikki “feels like she’s going to either end up with another wrestler or someone famous” and that she feels like this because “she finds herself in situations where she is around celebs or wrestlers all the time.”

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The person close to Nikki also noted that she “would like her future to come fast. She misses being in love.”

While that is rocking the air, an anonymous blogger with a strong track record for celebrity gossip indicated that Nikki Bella recently began dating a WWE executive.

This blogger, who is known only as ‘Enty Lawyer’, posted this blind item on the anonymous gossip website Crazy Days and Nights on July 31:

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“Publicly, this A-list entertainer/reality star is saying the right things about taking time for herself and this and that. The thing is though, she has already been doing that for six months and has a co-worker she has been seeing for about two months. Same company, but way different job description than the last co-worker. This one is an executive. They are both trying to keep it hush hush.”

‘Enty Lawyer’ then revealed the blind item last week, saying the ‘A-list entertainer/reality star’ is ‘Nikki Bella.’

‘Enty Lawyer’ did not name the executive.

Crazy Days and Nights specializes in exposing Hollywood gossip and is way ahead of mainstream news websites on Hollywood gossip, sometimes even by years. For instance, ‘Enty Lawyer’ alluded to stories about Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Matt Lauer well before their abuse got exposed by the mainstream media last fall.