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Lionel Messi was very disappointed when they loss the Copa America final against Chile the second time, this put Argentina as a whole in a very bad mood for them, there is always a said: that what happened to me the first time can never happen to me the second time. But Argentina has failed to defeat Chile this time rather looking Chile defeat them the second time.

Messi as the subject to Argentina team cannot imagine all his effort and hard work for his country turned to waste in just a blink of eye. This bitterly made Messi to announce that he will no longer represent his country in any competitions again because he has been a good performing player and not his Country will destroy his career and reputation.

Lionel Messi is been recognize round the world therefore he knows the best decision to take in order to keep his reputation flowing.

Messi has drop a great legacy in His Country Argentina before announcing his retirement, Lionel Messi is regarded as the greatest footballer this generation has seen.

But it is a very big Disgrace when you are been sent off in a World Cup final according to some great Coach, it feels very sad when you leave the game most especially in the final.

But assuming Messi scored his goal and won the Copa America, he would have not taking that decision of retiring from his Country team and continue playing for them.