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 David Benoit Signing For AEW, David Benoit and Tony Khan

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff has addressed the idea of David Benoit potentially joining WWE or AEW and the difficulties that might entail.


Eric Bischoff discussed the topic during a Q&A session on the recent w/Christy Olson podcast. He was asked by a fan about the politics involved in Benoit signing with a major pro wrestling promotion given his family’s tragic story.

Chris Benoit Tragedy From Kevin Sullivan“At this time? I don’t know for sure,” Eric Bischoff began. “Because I don’t know what the politics that are you specifically asked, WWE? I think first of all I think we’d be far better served to go to AEW than WWE.

But in either case, if either of those opportunities became available? If I were managing David? I would really think hard about getting into the ring and making that choice.”

Bischoff continued, “Because it’s being the son of a wrestler, being the son of a star in this business put so much pressure on you. Way more than the pressure is on the average person.”

Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns WWE vs AEW“You take two people with equal, equal potential, everything is genetically equal. Almost identical except for birth parents, right, you put them through the same life experiences?

You give them the same opportunities? You put them both into a wrestling environment to give them a chance to be a star?

They’ll both accelerate in this example at the exact same pace; same levels, and the son of a star or daughter, as the case may be.

An established star big name, versus the son of someone who’s coming in with no baggage, or help? I would bet against the son or daughter of a star every single time.”

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Eric Bischoff On Nepotism, Wrestlers Proving Themselves — David Benoit under pressure

Eric Bischoff then acknowledged how there are hardcore fans that would take issue with the idea of nepotism potentially playing a factor.

Bischoff suggested how David Benoit would probably be under increased personal pressure if he decided to pursue a wrestling career.Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit

He argued that if fans felt that a wrestler was getting opportunities and chances because of name association, that wrestler would have to work “two or three times harder than anybody else” to prove themselves.