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According to WrestlingNewsSource, many of the fans in attendance at the Alamodome walked out of their seats after Roman Reigns was revealed to be the 30th entrant in the Royal Rumble match.

WWE is essentially having two WrestleManias this year, and one of them is being known as the Royal Rumble, which just occurred in the Alamodome, all hands are on deck for a supershow that extremely well may equal its Orlando feature in April. Truth be told, the 2017 Royal Rumble is relied upon to be WWE’s greatest non-WrestleMania occasion ever.

Given the star-control and desirous lineup of living legends and top stars, NXT trendy people are certain to be additional priggish when they announce that NXT Takeoveer: San Antonio was a superior wrestling appear than the Royal Rumble.

In line with the foregoing, word is that the WWE Universe is not buying or ready to fan Ronam Reigns by whatever means possible; primarily because they see it that Vince is forcing Reigns on them.

Fans hate it; no one likes to be forced at anything and with the way things are going, Roman Reigns is set to be dropped sooner than later. Already sources are reporting that Vince is already reconsidering dropping Reigns and that is set to roll out in the days ahead.