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Young Bucks

See excerpts of the video which dwells on their conversation. You may leave a comment below on who you agree with.

According to Shane Shoemaker who recently published on, The Young Bucks signed with ROH. Check out his reaction below:

Playing the free-agent market for years now, the Young Bucks have traveled all across the globe in redefining themselves, tag team wrestling, and the wrestling business itself. They’ve not only played to the crowds that either love them or hate them, they’ve played to nearly every wrestling organization by taunting them and/or praising them, even if it’s through (admitted) imitation. And they’ve never cared if you hired them or not, because they’d make sure to tell you when their next independent show is and how much they made off the booking and the merch table that night.

That’s why Ring of Honor is the perfect place for the Young Bucks to continue their careers. ROH has less restrictions, less sponsorship, and less creative higher ups to deal with, unlike any of the WWE brands where there is tons of restrictions. For Lucha Underground, it simply didn’t look like the right fit for the duo. Their appeal applies not only to the hardcore wrestling crowd, but the energy from those crowds, and you tend to lose some of that with the style in which Lucha Underground is presented. And with TNA, I’m sure it was a ‘been there, done that’ situation; and that the company is always in a sense of ambiguity.

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