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WWE is already working on Roman Reigns to see that be builds enough momentum to get him fit for Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 32. This is coming just after Reigns lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE TLC on Sunday evening to Sheamus.

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This may turn out to be a wonderful feat for the company as they’re doing everything possible to see that Roman Reigns climbs the WWE ladder and become the new face of the company although that might be to the detriment of John Cena.

In our recent publication, we noted that Cena would return briefly for WWE Royal Rumble and takes off again till February 10. It implies that the boyfriend of Nikki Bella would be out of action for a total of three months out of five. This doesn’t serve WWE right especially as the company is plodding and dancing around the mark of mediocrity in the last few months.

So it’s no surprise to see Vince McMahon throwing his weight behind Roman Reigns as he is being pushed to become the new face of the company. But the question that’s currently rocking the media is how would John Cena fit into the general scene of play when he eventually returns?

As noted in our publication few days ago, Cena came out recently to speak about his retirement plan and what his future in WWE would look like afterwards. It was a shock as the WWE Universe wouldn’t want that to happen just yet. The chant that rocked the atmosphere at WWE TLC night was, “We Want Cena!” “We Want Cena!!” “We want Cena!!!” It was that kind of a night. You know the spirit, don’t you?

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However, Roman Reigns is still pitched on wrestling against Sheamus over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title while Cena would likely contend against Alberto Del Rio in the Royal Rumble. So far the two have an unresolved issue as John Cena left immediately after the Hell in A Cell bout where Alberto Del Rio beat him to become the current United States Championship.

The Royal Rumble might answer that query between them as it’s seen as a step away from WrestleMania. As a matter of fact, the WWE Universe sees the Royal Rumble as one of the key matches of the year because of its affiliation with WrestleMania.

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So far, Cena has been magical in the history of the Royal Rumble. He has won the Royal Rumble belt seven times and that’s a remarkable feat for him as only few Superstars can boast of coming close to that mark in the history of WWE.

So we await to see what happens at next year’s Royal Rumble Match. Would Cena do it again or he would just be thrown out once more is a question that leaves everyone speechless.

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