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John Cena has eventually said the unthinkable, something that the WWE and their fans don’t want to hear. Something that could be considered as a bad news, that is, if you are viewing it from the angle where the WWE is currently down with injury outbreaks and their ratings plummet daily.

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It came to be like this; in 2002 John Cena made his debut to professional wrestling even though he didn’t reach his very peak as a bodybuilder. Some thought as a result he was not going to amount to anything worthwhile but Cena has proved them wrong over the years as he seats as one of the three all-time pro wrestlers who have shaped the wrestling industry. Two other wrestlers who still have this phenomenal record are Hulk Hogan and The Rock. The two of them came from different platforms. While the Hulk Hogan was that man who has unimaginable strength and ability, The Rock was that man that mixed Hollywood with pro wrestling.

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In the last WWE TLC PPV, the air was devoid in electricity and magic. The squared ring looked too mechanical and fans were alarm. Then there comes the chants, “We Want Cena!” “We Want Cena!!” “We Want Cena!!!” You know that kind of a solidarity chant, don’t you?

But just once more, Cena may be a blow to pro wrestling fans worldwide as Cena opens up on his retirement plan. He said: “I’ve always sworn to myself that if I can’t keep up with the current level athletically, it’s my time to take another role, whether that’s commentating on the matches or stepping behind the curtain and molding younger talent.”

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“I always want to do whatever I can to help the industry. I see firsthand how happy we make kids and families. When you get a kid to sit down and have a conversation with [their] Superman, it’s the coolest thing. It makes their day. That’s a pretty cool, unique thing.”

Cena left the WWE at a time that later proved to be the most unfortunate and unsuitable. As soon as he left the WWE for a series of reality filming with the FOX, a flood of water has gone under the bridge as WWE ratings plummet and Superstars drop with injuries.

However, Cena is not expected to be fully back until February 10th: “John Cena is currently not scheduled for any live events after this year’s WWE Royal Rumble. He is not advertised for appearances again until WWE’s tour of Germany that kicks off on February 10th.”

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This connotes that the 15-time WWE champion will be out of WWE’s programming for roughly three months out of a total of five. This is bad news for the WWE and their fans and they are already looking for alternatives. For the now, Roman Reigns is their answer; they are using the entire “abracadabra” available to the company to see that he surges, breaks the barriers that stand between him and the fans and becomes the new “Ultimate Man”. But that has so far not being paying off especially as Reigns has bad mic skills and he isn’t improving as he ought to. Anyway, we hope he improves timely and save the face of the WWE before the boat capsizes.

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Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose who get better reactions from fans may have done better in terms of climbing the ladder and breaking the natural barriers that stand between Superstars and fans if the WWE had picked either of them. Now, there are rumors that Sami Zayn and Finn Balor would even get batter reactions from fans when they eventually come up full-time. We await to see how that come into play, anyway.

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