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You just don’t think this would have been the fix, do you? That WWE would add Dolph Ziggler to the jumble that goes on between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens who are still wrestling and staging war against each other over The Intercontinental Title.

No one saw it coming; it came as a shock to many in the WWE Universe as Dolph Ziggler has been left the closet after the unexpected and unceremonious end of the storyline that existed between Lana/Summer Rae/Tyler Breeze/Rusev. But WWE fixing him on the ongoing feud that exists between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens is turning out to be a good deal for him.

See also: WWE News: Ric Flair Accidentally Gives Wrestlemania Spoilers Away— See Some Spoilers He Mistakenly Revealed has just reported the match that occurred between Ambrose and Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title on Raw that ended in a disqualification. According to the report, the main reason why Owens took out Ziggler was to ensure that Ambrose doesn’t win the match which naturally gave way to the new champion losing his first title defense although the title remains in his custody.

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As Monday Night Raw wound up, a great majority thought that Ambrose and Owens would still maintain their feud and that Ziggler was not going to fall into the big picture. But that was wrong as Ziggler made it on this week’s episode of WWE taped SmackDown where he staged war against Owens. But once again, the match ended in disqualification with a win for Ziggler.

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This has brought another debate to the scene as Ziggler is now interpreted to have issues with Owens while Ambrose is somewhere strategic fuming at the general scene of play. It also appears that Ziggler has issues with Ambrose too which makes a wonderful fixture for the Royal Rumble and probably WrestleMania 32.

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Now WWE has succeeded in giving The Intercontinental Title a lot of attention bringing back the glory and aura the Title was associated with over the years. Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose wrestling for The Intercontinental Title is a great fix, throwing Dolph Ziggler into the feud makes it even more appealing. Let’s see how it turns out for Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 32, ultimately.

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