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John Cena and Nikki Bella are no longer an item and their breakup will soon air on Total Bellas, or you can check it out here. But now that John Cena is a single man once again it looks like he might not be wasting much time getting back out there on the dating scene.

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WWE legend John Cena is already dating again after his very public break-up with ex-fiancee Nikki Bella, and it is allegedly someone she knows very well.

Brad Shepard brought up John Cena’s love life on Barn Bruner’s Fired Up podcast. He said he had to be very careful about what he said, so we’ll just leave it all below and let you make your own assumptions.

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“There’s been a… and I want to be very careful how I put this… but back when I first reported about the John Cena situation and him being involved with other women while he was allegedly in a relationship with Nikki Bella. There were reports that made some pretty big news it led to WWE doing an entire PR campaign to discredit my report.”

“It was speculated to be at the time as Carmella that particular information was certainly not 100% and for privacy reasons, I didn’t report it at first but we have learned some additional information as well. So yeah, that would be the original piece I was talking about.”‘s Brad Shepard also had a very interesting tweet on the subject pointing in the direction that Cena is a single man once again and he’s possibly not wasting any time picking up a rebound.

John Cena rebounds quicker than Dennis Rodman, or so I hear. ???? #WWE #CrypticTweet

— ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? (@TheBradShepard) May 7, 2018
Words reaching us from our sources indicate that Nikki Bella has expressed her disappointment over John Cena dating another WWE wrestler; Nikki Bella noted that she never expected such from John Cena, at least for courtesy sake. However, she said he is at liberty to date whosoever he wills, just as she herself. Inside sources have since claimed that Nikki has been left devastated after their split, six years after getting together. See what Nikki Bella is now doing to get back at John Cena.