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WWE Superstar Randy Orton has just noted that he is getting far better that he imagined or that reports earlier stated. He made this known via his Instagram account where he stated that he may not need to go for surgical operation any more.

Also, he flung it hard at Dave Meltzer and said that whatever you read online, so long as it’s not from, it should not be swallowed hook, line and sinker.

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Here’s what he said about his injury:
“I see many of you think I need neck surgery. I heard weeks ago that Meltzer stated it as a fact. I don’t keep up with gossip, so I didn’t think anything of it. As far as my shoulder, I was cut on 12/8. Things are ahead of schedule and I’m pumped to get back to work. As far as my neck, and I’m only debunking this ‘fact’ for the sincerely concerned fans, I DONT need neck surgery. Remember, unless you hear about it on, you really should take everything you read online concerning pro wrestling with a grain of salt.”

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Orton has spoken well, a lot of WWE fans have commended but one thing we noted is that Orton failed to state if he would make it for Wrestlemania 32. Like he has categorically said, he is doing better than imagined or reported; he is ahead of schedule with his shoulder surgery recovery. Hence, even though earlier stated that he would take up to 4-6 months off schedule; this may not be the case at the end of the day.

We wish him quick recovery!