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WWE United States Champion John Cena

WWE United States Champion John Cena

Superstar John Cena has decided to take some time off as confirmed by WWE officials recently.

The literal implication of this is that Cena will be missing out of the European upcoming tour as well as the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. He is reported to be coming back to the ring sometime in December he will feature in WWE live event at Madison Square Garden.

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However, while some WWE fans expressed their discomfort about the sad news, some of his counterparts would benefit from Cen’s leave of absence. Let’s see the list below…

1. The New Day
Within the last fourteen days, Cena has defended the United States Championship against The New Day family. There is no doubt that, The New Day family would somehow benefit from Cena absence.

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2. Kevin Owens
The bouts between Owen and Cena have already been very interesting and entertaining especially as they seem to be coming from opposite sides. Owen is probably going to climb higher in the ladder until Cena appears again.

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3. Dean Ambrose
Ambrose is another superstar who would be glad that Cena is going off till December. Although Ambrose has not done well in the WWE Championship so far but Ambrose was already placing Cena above board for the WWE upcoming European tours.

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