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 WWE United States Champion John Cena

WWE United States Champion John Cena

Just when speculations have been running in the media with each one trying to decipher what possibly could be the real reason why John Cena is taking some time off Scott Keith has come out to say that Cena has decided for a break because he is to host a new fitness-themed reality TV show for FOX.

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The filming has been scheduled to begin on 26th of this month and will run till January seventh or fourteen, he added.
According Bryan Alvarez who spoke in the early hours of today on Wrestling Observer Live, Cena will somehow be involved in a filming stuff during the space when he is off.

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There have been arguments and reactions coming from every corners and quarters concerning John Cena’s desire to have some time off. The WWE officials has strategically been quiet about the whole thing.

Neither has the WWE United States Champion John Cena said the main reason why he is seeking for a break after Hell In a Cell. So far all Cena has said is that he is going off for a good reason and that if the real reason why he is leaving is revealed, everyone will know that his decision was necessary.

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However, Cena is reportedly returning to action on December 26th for WWE’s post-Christmas live event tour.


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