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Cristiano Ronaldo gave an shootout. Zidane having won the trophy as a player repeated it with is player. Insights to the tactics employ by coach after a an equalizer from Carrasco took the game to penalty.

Real Madrid go claimed their 11th Uefa Champions league trophy made history has the club to have lift the trophy the most since the inception of the competition, beaten club rivals atletico in two consecutive meeting.

Cristiano Ronaldo when interviewed after his decisive penalty kick said, “I’m very happy. It’s a very special moment. For the fans that have always been with us, it’s a magical moment. I had a vision, I saw that I would score the goal of the victory and I told Zidane to put me in fifth because I will score the winning penalty and that’s what happened.'”

When asked if his performance was trigger by Ballon d’Or interest said, “That will come naturally. The priority was to win the Champions League and I was the leading score in the tournament.”

“This is the seventh year I have scored over 50 goals. The first to ever to do it. That’s says it all.”