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Nikki Bella has finally let the cat out of the bag… what a surprise!

WWE has released the following video, featuring Nikki Bella appearing on “The Chew”, and during her appearance Nikki reveals her fiancee John Cena is actually a very good piano player:

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In a similar development, there was a Party fail! John Cena and Nikki Bella have been rocking the news recently as things fall apart between them; their long time relationship comes to a painful and abrupt end.

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E! News caught up with John Cena and his ex-fianceé Nikki Bella at the premiere of his new movie. We were thrilled to ask him about his singing ability as he features in the film, but it turns out he was going to surprise Nikki with that info!

“She didn’t know that,” John said after being asked if an album might be on the horizon. “You just spoiled the movie for her.” Oops! Our bad! “This starts my long going feud with the E! network,” John joked.