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Stephanie McMahon, John Cena

Stephanie McMahon, John Cena

The famous Forbes writer Alfred Konuwa spoke On the financial void John Cena leaves by taking time off from the WWE in an interview earlier today saying;

“I absolutely think this is going to be a big blow for the WWE. This is the wrong time for this to happen to WWE looking at how low the ratings are. We’ve seen record lows in the month of August, we’ve seen record lows just a couple weeks ago. Earlier in September I did an article for Forbes because John Cena had just suffered an injury scare. A lot of people thought it might be serious because it was one of those non-contact injuries.

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So it gave kind of a sense of what WWE looks like traditionally when John Cena is out of the picture. We have seen long periods at a time when John Cena is out. Every time Cena is out, it’s not good for WWE. I’m talking ratings are down when John Cena’s gone. House show revenue for shows when John Cena’s not there were $60,000 less than that of the shows where he is there. It’s been reported as recently as a couple of years ago that John Cena outdraws the rest of the roster combined when it comes to merchandise. I looked at at that point and of the sixteen top items John Cena had eleven of them.

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It was such a huge amount and Cena is such a huge part of WWE’s business that eventually they are going to have to cycle off him. For him to just disappear right now when the ratings are in free fall. When the NFL season is cranking up in October and when there are so many main stream sports that have come along in prime time? It’s really a nightmare for WWE”.
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Sharing his views on why Stephanie McMahon is selling off so much of her WWE stock:
Alfred Konuwa says ”I have heard so many things about this and I always investigate every time because I see that she’s just funneling off stock. I have heard that it’s because she has to make some home repairs and improvements. She would like to use that money to build her home.

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Various kinds of different renovations. I just think that she owns a whole lot of WWE stock to where it’s pretty much just controlling interest. For her to sell off her stock, we hear these stories but it’s not like she’s just selling off to the point where she owns a minority interest. You know? It’s definitely still a big part of the WWE that she owns.

When it comes to somebody who is making the kind of money that Stephanie McMahon makes one of the ways you get cash… think about it like going to the ATM as like selling off stock. That’s one of the ways you settle and get cash in order to handle the everyday business and settle other commitments.

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