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WWE Star John Cena is dating a star dancer after split with Nikki Bella: the internet and the WWE Universe is convinced John Cena has a new girlfriend despite the fact he yet to make it public

For the heck of it, John Cena and Nikki Bella’s breakup shocked a lot of people who were under the impression that the two were a WWE couple who were already on the beginning of their wedding and married life thereafter. The game didn’t end that way for the two and they have since gone their separate ways, though they are still in touch.

Nikki Bella revealed to People that she still calls Cena after every date she goes on to update him. This might seem unusual for some people, but they are still close so it’s about respect. However, when asked if John Cena was doing the same to inform her when he was going out with someone, Nikki Bella was quick to admit that sharing that kind of information did not go both ways.

“No, I have a jealous bone. I’ve done very well with that I think. This is it, I know… I mean now I feel like over the years I’ve gotten a lot better. I’ve done some therapy for it.”

Nikki Bella might give John the courtesy of a phone call, but he’s not doing the same. He obviously like to keep his dating life private for various reasons. Still, you have to give Nikki credit for being able to handle their breakup so well.

While the John Cena and Nikki Bella split just began ringing in the air, Cena began staying and hanging up with ladies and snapping selfies at every opportunities in the night.

But that’s not the matter of the day, as at this moment, the internet and the WWE Universe is convinced John Cena has a new girlfriend despite the fact he yet to make it public.

So we would take a look at three WWE Women Stars Who John Cena Could Date in order to keep himself warm and refreshed after all the busy schedules:‘s Brad Shepard also had a very interesting tweet on the subject of Cena dating again. Brad Shepard noted that John Cena once again engaged and he’s possibly not wasting any time picking up a rebound. And he left a cryptic tweet on Cena relationship status and dating another WWE Wrestler.

He wrote, “Cena rebound quicker than Dennis Rodman, or so I hear.”

However, that’s not stopping the internet from speculating that John is actually dating Irish wrestler Becky “The Man” Lynch.

#1 Is Becky Lynch John’s new girlfriend?
Becky Lynch and John Cena dating:

Unfortunately, that relationship is pure fan-fiction for wrestling fans. (Seriously, there is some hardcore fan-fiction about the duo.) Becky actually has a boyfriend named Jeff Dye, a standup comedian who stars on the NBC comedy Better Late Than Never.

However, Becky does not and hasn’t proven to be that kind of lady who sticks to a man for too long if the relationship goes through some thin corners. She has been changing boyfriends too often recently just like Former WWE SmackDown Manager Paige and that’s the perfect kind of lady John Cena wants judging by his relationship with Mickie James, AJ Lee, Victoria and a host of others.

But for the now, it seems the only relationship Becky Lynch and John Cena have is inside the ring. Just a while ago on Smackdown, the “Irish Lasskicker” kicked John out of the ring during their tag team match to claim the victory herself, but John wasn’t upset about her move.

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“I thought I was doing good and then I was thrown out of the ring by Becky and then she ended up getting a win — I would have done the same thing,” he told “I know how tough it is to be overlooked, I know how tough it is to try to do your best every night and not get noticed and then finally for something to happen inside you where you feel comfortable and not only that, you feel confident. And when you get that confidence you honestly, you feel like Superman.”

John Cena and Becky Lynch dating

#2 Is Carmella John’s new girlfriend?

Elsewhere, few days ago, an anonymous blogger with a strong track record for celebrity gossip indicated that an “entertainer/actor” has already moved on from a previous relationship and is hooking up with one of the stars of a reality show, which involves the entertainment part of the actor’s career.

WWE Superstar Carmella Official

This mysterious blogger, who is known only as ‘Enty Lawyer’, wrote:

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“This entertainer/actor has already moved on and is hooking up with one of the stars of this reality show which involves the entertainment part of the actor’s career.”

This blind item comes from the anonymous gossip website Crazy Days and Nights, which we’ve credited in the past on some WWE-related tidbits. This blog specializes in exposing Hollywood gossip and is way ahead of mainstream news websites on Hollywood gossip, sometimes even by years. For instance, ‘Enty Lawyer’ alluded to stories on Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Matt Lauer well before their abuse got exposed by the mainstream media last fall.

Back to this, most of the comments below the post are guessing that it’s Cena and a cast member from Total Divas.

According to Brad Shepard of (who broke the news of this year’s WWE Hall of Fame inductees and the return of the XFL), a source of his indicated to him that the “entertainer/actor” in question is Cena and that he’s “hooking up” with a Total Divas star.

While Shepard did not name Cena’s rumored love interest, a few signs point to her being Carmella.

Carmella, real name Leah Van Dale is an American professional wrestler, dancer, and model and she is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion.

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Of those who had a starring role on the most recent season of Total Divas, Carmella and Nia Jax are the only cast members without a confirmed relationship. But what really has people thinking the woman in question is Carmella is that the SmackDown Women’s Champion apparently lives in the same area as Cena.

Cena’s home is located in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, which is apart of the Tampa Bay Area. While Carmella has yet to say that she lives in the Tampa Bay Area, she’s done a few Instagram posts in recent weeks which shows her as being in Tampa on her days off from WWE’s strenuous road schedule (such as this one below from last week).

#3: John Cena Dating Charlotte Flair:

Charlotte Flair WWE Star dating again

This would be the relationship of the season, shaking the WWE company with words from individuals and corporate bodies from all walks of life owing to the fact that they are not just two very big names but that they are very strong wrestling individuals.

But come to think of it, Charlotte Flair has not allowed herself to fall for any man after her public divorces to three different men.

Though we still recall that she once had something to do with Alberto Del Rio where it was reported that Del Rio just used her dumped her (sort of a very short relationship, a fling) and picked up Paige whom he nearly married.

Of course, we know that Charlotte Flair is not a saint that she’s posing to be, after all, she came out stark-naked on advertisement magazine a few month ago.

What do we say then, Charlotte Flair is just doing her covering up job very well; hiding her boyfriend from the WWE Universe possibly because she does want many talks after several breakups and divorces.
So we give it, Charlotte Flair and John Cena would be a good match on dating and we would be glad to see them come as couple.

#4: John Cena Dating Paige:


Oh, what could be more interesting; two Superstars who are not willing to get married for now. Paige being John Cena’s girlfriend would be very unbelievable but sure, it would make lot of sense.

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Remember Paige does not stick to a guy for too long as she wants and likes lots of fun. Cena is perfect at this. Paige Breaks Up With Boyfriend Kalan Blehm started dating Ronnie Radke with two years. Ronnie is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, musician, and record producer.

The last time Paige really got a “serious” relationship was with Alberto Del Rio and that was like two years ago. Since then she has dated and dumped two guys; she changes boyfriend very often, everyone knows her.

Of course, still fresh in our minds in the very crazy threesome sex she had with some married WWE Superstars where the videos was recorded and leaked online. WWE Paige was dating Alberto Del Rio yet she (Paige) was caught sleeping with (in THREESOME Sex tape) with Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox? She cried like nothing else and nearly committed suicide, she later said.

John Cena would have lots of fun with someone of her caliber and we hope things might bring them together as one sooner than later. It would make lots of sense for John Cena to date Paige or what do you think.

Who else do you think John Cena could date or who is John Cena currently dating? Let us know if you have any updates on John Cena’s secret relationship.