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Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

WWE is currently in a tight corner due to injuries sustained by Superstars and few others who are taking time off.

• Seth Rollins’s knee injury is the latest in the league: it displaced everyone, destabilized WWE match fixtures and created a vacuum which is still too deep to fill in the WWE’s programming. Rollins’ is reportedly going to be out for about six-to-nine months.

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• Randy Orton still battles with chronic shoulder injury; an injury he sustained while packing out garbage from his home. He is likely going for surgery which would lead him back into the ring in the next six months.

• The Undertaker who has been in the system for twenty-five years now is nearing retirement. His schedules are scanty as his energy burns out fast.

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• John Cena is fit, well enough for action but he is on break from WWE’s programming. Cena stated that he needed the break for personal reason. He would return back to action on December 26th.

• Brock Lesnar is still on break after the WWE Hell in A Cell clash where he defeated The Undertaker. Report says that Lesnar might just be off for the rest of the year. Then return for the 2016 Royal Rumble, which would usher him to WrestleMania 32.

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This leaves the house scanty and nearly empty and WWE is not happy about it. Lesnar’s contract spells it out that, he has very limited match appearances for WWE each year. Hence if WWE wishes to pull him back considering the scanty house, then addition money would be given to Lesnar. And that is almost the case as at today considering that WWE is sinking fast as a result of this development.

The big question now is, “Would Brock Lesnar return for the Survivor Series? If he must return, then WWE must pay him the extra money required.

As things stand, Lesnar may be the only one to redeem WWE’s bleeding image. If Lesnar however isn’t called back for the Survivor Series, then he could show up for Monday Night Raw next week (Nov. 16) or most probably be featured for TLC on Dec. 13.

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