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The fate for WWE programming has changed direction once more, this time on the road towards a super nature. In the last few months, the WWE experienced a very great fall and things turned sour as most of their Superstars went down with injury while couple of others were out of action for one reason or the other.

According to Cageside Seats, the WWE RAW ratings experienced a favorable thrust as stated below:

The hourly breakdown shows just how invested fans were.
• Hour one: 4.04 million
• Hour two: 3.78 million
• Hour three: 3.82 million

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Yes, things may not be as it were before but isn’t this an improvement of what we got at last weeks’ WWE Raw?

Roman Reigns was one man of the night – he was cheered generously by the Philadelphia crowd, the same crowd that booed him nearly twelve months ago. What an irony! What a fate!

Now, the WWE Raw is experiencing an upward thrust, meaning the company would need more energy to stabilize things across board. The WWE Creative team has to ensure that the momentum is sustained and given maximum boost to enable the company recover from his downward ratings and come back to a better shape, possibly.

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They have already started on a good note anyway – the hiring of a new announcer, Mauro Ranallo is just timely and apt. Ranallo has the substance, owing to his credits and achievements as a former commentator of MMA and Boxing. He will bring a new spirit and vibes to the Smackdown announce team. In a recent interview Mauro stated that the future of Smackdown could become a hybrid of NXT and Raw.

Ranallo speaks about the storyline and SmackDown becoming a hybrid of NXT and Raw.

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“I get the sense they want to make it kind of a hybrid between Raw, the flagship show with all the storylines and great performances from our Superstars in the ring, and what’s happening in NXT. That’s really been a phenomenon, and I’m a huge proponent of that style of storytelling.”

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Then he continued:
“I think if SmackDown can become a hybrid of the two, we’ll have a winning formula regardless of who’s on the microphone. But since it’s going to be me, I love that it’s playing to my strengths. I think they want to set us all up to succeed.”

That was a good submission I suppose but the only sure way for that to take place is for the WWE RAW and SmackDown to be split. Yes if SmackDown must have any significant development and turnout, it must be treated as an independent program. There must be split in content and booking so that it wouldn’t take the nature of replay of Monday Night RAW any longer. Well, let’s see how it eventually turns out to be for Ranallo – let’s see if any magic could be done to see that the dream of Ranallo comes true. If it does, this would just be the new WWE Smackdown.

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