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Thanksgiving is a time to recount what we’re thankful for, but these luscious ladies keep WWE fans grateful all year long.

Thus far, the WWE’s Divas Revolution has been a lot of hype and little execution, but there is hope for the future of women’s wrestling in Vince McMahon’s company.

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With NXT producing some amazing, young female athletes and some of them coming up to the main roster, it’s only a matter of time until WWE creative snaps out of its malaise and helps the Divas usher in a true revolution. Here are five Divas we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1) Sasha Banks
“The Boss” is everything anyone could ever want in a Diva. Sure, she has the looks, but that’s not all. Banks is awesome in the ring, can work with just about anyone and her character is fantastic. If only the WWE would start utilizing her more, we’d truly have something to be thankful for.

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2) Becky Lynch
For the Lass-Kicker, just see what was written above about Banks. Lynch put on tremendous matches time and time again in NXT, but she hasn’t been properly used on the main WWE roster. The way the company keeps jobbing her out is vexing, but there’s a bright future ahead for the Ireland native.

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3) Bayley
This never-say-die Diva proved to the world that the WWE (well, NXT) can still write compelling old school stories of the babyface underdog chasing their dreams. Bayley got beaten down time and time again despite coming close to winning the gold on several occasions, but when she finally knocked off Banks in a Match of the Year candidate at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, it was an amazing moment.

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4) Charlotte
Ric Flair’s daughter is sometimes too emotional and the WWE creative team relies too much on who her father is, but there’s no doubt that if a revolution is about to take off, she’ll be part of it. Charlotte is solid in the ring and has a unique finisher, so once she shakes off her early struggles, she’ll be a fixture in the division. She also has the reputation of ending Nikki Bella’s record Divas Championship reign, which isn’t a bad way to start off her career.

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5) Paige
The Norwich, England, native is as beautiful as she is sharp in the ring. Her PTO finisher may be the best Divas finishing move in the business. Now that she’s a heel, Page has become a way more interesting character and her future seems bright.

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