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John Cena and Nikki Bella have made their relationship so proud and the internet can tell. They both profess their love at every opportunity and the internet keeps every record of that.

However, for some reasons best known to Cena, he has decided to keep it cool when it comes to tying the nuptial knot. He has decided to let things fall into place naturally; he has been decided to allow Nikki Bella to remain “Nikki Bella” rather than Mrs. Cena. But why?

As the internet dangles with countless photos and videos of the lovers hanging out at every opportunity, its worthy to note that the following reasons could answer the question “Why is John Cena yet to propose marriage to Nikki Bella?”

2) Nikki Bella And Her Past Marriage:

Or maybe John Cena is worried about Nikki Bella’s past, since she shares a common marital fate with him. Nikki Bella is a divorcee, she married at the early age of 20 to her high school boyfriend and just three years later, the marriage broke up and both parties went their separate ways. The WWE Diva and her ex-husband had a terrible past in the name of love but that’s usually the thing about love. It always has this moment when we sow and may not reap what we should. Anyway, both of them have began a new love life afresh and that’s water under the bridge now. But one thing is registered, she is a divorcee and that might be what John Cena is worried about.

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