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It is no longer new thing in the ears of most of wrestling followers that the relationship between Nikki Bella and John Cena has grown beyond just a co-wrestler. The duos have been on a love affair relationship for quite some time now.
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And the most fascinating part of this Romeo and Juliet interaction is the way Nicky Bella shows her utmost sincerity to her boyfriend by revealing to Cena how her ex-boyfriend Dolph Ziggler made a failed attempt to kiss her and probably to woo her for a comeback.
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According to reports, ex Dolph Ziggler’s made an extremely flirty move towards fearless Nicky Bella by asking for her hand in marriage and telling her to be the mother of his unborn kids. While having a heart rob discuss with Cena, Nikky said:
“I have to tell you something. I’ve been trying to tell you for like a week,” Nikki reveals over dinner. “Dolph pulled me aside at work and told me that he wants to give me marriage and babies—and then he tried to kiss me.”
A video of John Cena’s reaction has got people talking on the social media, you can watch the video on any of the social media’s video platform.