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Bad as it may be, is the forceful resignation of a star. It has been reported that the former wrestling star, MVP lost his contract few days after his signing in with Lucha Underground.

This was as a result of contract terms violation, this superstar refused to blame any body for his dismissal instead; he took the blame upon himself. But as it is now, it seems that the reason for his dismissal is not what they told us. The truth is still pending.

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The story of MVP’s dismissal was all mixed up and the truth has not yet been disclosed. Reports has it that the whole top members of Lucha Underground were not happy at the dismissal of this legend saying that the reason for his dismissal is still concealed that the terms violation is not an offence at all.

More so, the wrestler has refused to discuss the main issue that led to his sack, even though Alex Greenfield who is a writer in the WWE revealed a little but refused to go into details about this. All he said was that MVP was betrayed.

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Well, even though they won’t let us know what the truth is, one thing I know is certain is that it won’t remain a secret forever. We must figure it out the truth someday, somehow.