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Another popular Superstar has declared that he would miss WrestleMania 32….

The well known John Cena has become a model that cannot be ignored. His return is going to be quite surprising as no one had expected him to recover from such a critical ailment so soon. He showed up on Fox 411 to enhance the show ‘America Hustle, John said that he feels completely restored.

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Since the debut of Cena in 2004 he has not missed any WretleMania. But as it is there are other ailments which must be attended to as soon as possible. As it was announced that WrestleMania 33 will be hosted in Orlando at the press conference, Cena declared that he will not be part of this year’s show.

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This eventually would be the first WrestleMania that this superstar would miss. It is so sad anyway as fans would not cheer at all.