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The New Day stable is one the WWE tag team which has really impacted the company tremendously in so many ways and the company and even the fans seems to have fallen in love with them because of their entertaining spirit.

Recently we reported that the stable is splitting, this was a rumor anyway but may turned out to be true and if it happens to be true, the fans and even most WWE officials will really miss them. The tag team is said to the one of the longest reign champions of the company. It is revealed that at the return of the Wyatt’s Family to RAW, The New Day interrupted them and ever since then, the two tag teams have become rivals.

Promoting the upcoming WWE tour in Manila during September, The Rappler Podcast, recently interviewed The New Day’s Big E. Discussing with the podcast team, Big E narrated why The New Day’s feud with the Wyatt’s Family was a different kind of feud entirely. Below was what he said:

“I think it’s a stark contrast from the feuds that we’ve had in the past, which tended to be based around physicality. There isn’t often times a lot more depth – one of the things we like is that in a different way that we would go back and forth with Enzo and Cass, which is more just cracking jokes back and forth. Obviously we’re still gonna be us, but I think with Bray, and the way he controls the mic and – is you know, one of the better talkers of our generation. I think it definitely adds a different challenge for us, and a new wrinkle. I think this program is just going to show a different side of both teams and feel fresh.” It will be so painful seeing them separate.