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The previous Payback match was indeed a tough one as it gets. It was a survivor of the fittest. During the match for number one Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship, Enzo Amore sustained a very serious injury in the middle of the match which brought the match to its immediate end.

It was reported that Enzo got injured when his head got caught in the second rope of the ring. According to, the injury happened in the middle of the match when Gotch Irish Whipped Enzo into the rope. Enzo slid in the mat and caught himself nastily on the rope.

The match was terminated and Enzo was rushed to the hospital after they have carried out some oral test on him to know if his memory was lost or not. Fortunately, Enzo could remember all what happened before the match kicked off.

While in the hospital, the WWE Company posted some photos online using the social media platform Twitter showing that the injury was not that deadly and they hope to see Enzo back soon preferably any time. See Photos below: