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John Cena had not seen anything yet until he came directly in contact with a more furious event and talent which showed him how to play.

The former WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE in 2015 and fought with Cena for the United States Champion which he successfully collected from Cena.

The match was so hot that Vince McMahon thought that Del Rio would be good for business.

Unfortunately, Del Rio is out of the company and now wrestling outside the WWE as Alberto Del Patron due to the fact that he said that WWE is not fulfilling the promise made to him. Del Rio is currently engaged to the former divas champion Paige.

Report has just emerged that while on a trip to Austria for a wrestling show, Del Rio and his brother, El Hijo del Dos Cara, were involved in a nightclub brawl on Dec. 30 that got them arrested. His brother and another man are both hospitalized in Austria after a big fight bust out among them, while Del Rio came back to the United States, albeit a little later than planned. Paige joyfully samples her engagement ring after the return. See tweets below:

Del Rio has yet to comment on the arrest, but did take to Twitter to respond to some detractors of his new engagement.