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For some years now, Bill Goldberg has been away and now, it seems that he the superstar is finally making it back to the ring after several years of absence.

It was reported recently that Bill Goldberg would be returning on the WWE Monday night RAW episode and in that, he will be made to face Brock Lesnar as his return match. On the recent talking smack show, Daniel Bryan confirmed the match partially.

On the show, Renee asked Daniel what he thought about “RAW recently signing Bill Goldberg.” Bryan then suggested that it might be better to have a match with younger talent than Goldberg vs. Lesnar. In substantiating this, Daniel Bryan said:

“I’m excited to see that match, Just kidding! It’s going to be an awesome match. It’s going to be on a co-branded show, but I don’t like that they’re putting it together and not us.” Well, to an extent Daniel Bryan is correct anyway; the return match was supposed to be with younger talents. But since the WWE has come up with the idea of Brock facing Goldberg, we just have to watch, be as it is, it is going be a good time match anyway.