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The SmackDown live chap John Cena has not been around ever since his lost in the triple threat match against Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles.

It appeared that John Cena had finally made the similar achievement like that of Ric Flair by becoming a WWE 16 time world heavyweight champion. This is indeed record breaking and an achievement at its peak.

It is revealed that John Cena would be back at the forth coming Survivor Series and would be in for the WWE world heavyweight champion. Rumor has it that John Cena has been highly favored by the boss of WWE Vince McMahon and there is a plan to make him a 17 time world champion.

According to latest reports, John Cena may be facing AJ Styles on his return and possibly wining the match which will make him the 17 time champion. This is indeed a dream and possibly, it will come to pass.

John Cena has been the face of WWE to a large extent and this has landed him into a pool of fame and fortunes and he has finally achieved one of the best wrestlers in the WWE history. What do you think? Do you want to see Cena emerge as a 17 time world heavyweight champion?