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One of the shows so far in the WWE Network after the Total Divas, come the Total Bellas. The Totol Bella created when Nikki Bella and John Cena was in injury and they were being discussed about.

The shows also talks about the lives of the Bella twin, everything about them and their men. It is revealed that for the first time, Nikki and Brie Bella, John Cena and Daniel Bryan will be co-existing. The show is scheduled to happen first at 8pm ET/PT, October 5th on E! Entertainment and it is split into 6 one-hour episodes.

There are pretty much for the viewers to expect as the show promises to talk about the recovery of Nikki Bella, the retirement of Brie Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan from professional wrestling. reports that the show will talk about the whole household of the Bella Twin.

The producers of the show are seriously at work to ensure that viewers are well served and entertained. WWE and Bunim/Murray Productions are co-producers with Kevin Dunn. And as it is reported, the producers are said to be representing the WWE and Jeff Jenkins and Russell Jay.