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Returning Of Nikki Is Among The Section That WWE Might Have In Board For The Final Raw Before WWE Summerslam.

John Cena is still out and one wonders just when he would make it back to the WWE family.

WWE talk of the burst injured star would get once he or she returns to WWE TV. At present, the catalog of sideline wrestlers anticipated to arrive quick is at an all-time high, with Luke Harper being the newest addition to the list as he is set to neglect 6 months of action due to a serious knee injury.

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While a few male wrestler is expected to return any time soon. The future RAW might see the longest reigning Divas Champion in a Divas segment, PWInsider report. WWE would focus on giving final touches to on-going storylines and could also have a few much-needed swerves to make things even good.

Though the return of Nikki Bella isn’t confirmed, there is still an opportunity that the Diva would defy all odds and make it back to the ring.