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The former WWE women’s champion Nikki Bella was said to be pregnant some days ago and according to the report, the pregnancy is beginning to show all over her.

Nikki Bella was away for quite a fairly long time due to injury which required surgery. Fortunately for the former WWE Women’s champion, the surgery was successful. Although, she was asked to stay off the ring for some time so that she will fully recover from her pains before returning to the ring.

While all these was going on, her boyfriend, John Cena was also away for the same reason, and it is revealed that it was because of the injury of John Cena that The Undertaker’s retirement match did not hold at WrestleMania 32 because he was to face the Dead man. John Cena was cleared to returned before Nikki Bella and he was drafted into SmackDown Live brand where he was the face.

In no mean time, Nikki Bella was also cleared to return and she returned to the same brand with John Cena her boyfriend. Anyway, it was reported that Nikki will not be a full time wrestler anymore but a part time wrestler wrestling in special occasions. Nikki Bella has been in the ring for some time and according to rumors, the former WWE Women’s champion is pregnant.

How could this? You may want to ask. It was reported that she has it all written over her and also the scan for test was released and it showed positive to the test. Well, another big question would be, who is responsible? Many thinks it is John Cena of which there is no doubt about that. Cena will have to show responsibility for the baby if at all the rumor become true. If this rumor is not false, which means John Cena will just have to hasten up his marriage rite with Nikki Bella.

Pregnacy scan

Pregnacy scan