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We all saw what happened at Summerslam with AJ Style cleanly defeating John Cena and for this reason; AJ Styles will be facing Dean Ambrose at Backlash contending for the WWE World heavyweight championship title.

Since after the Summerslam, John Cena has never been seen in the SmackDown live only that he wrestles dark matches and it is reported that he may never return to SmackDown until after October. The absence of Cena will extend to Backlash, which means that fans will not be seeing him in the ring.

This reason why John Cena was removed from Backlash is because; WWE has confirmed his presence in their International tour. This weekend, John Cena will be in action in Live events hosted in Manilla and Shanghai. His star power, backed by his ability to interact in Mandarin makes Cena an important draw for the events in China.

More so, it is revealed that AJ Styles and John Cena feud is not over yet as it is said that John Cena will return to continue his feud with Styles but this time, contending for the WWE championship title. So, Dean Ambrose may possibly loss the title against AJ Styles.

We have always wished that Cena will be a 16 time world champion and this may be an opportunity to make it happen when he returns to face AJ Styles some weeks later or thereabout. Anyway, let’s see what happens at the return of John Cena and if at all Dean Ambrose losses to AJ Styles.